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Our Founders

Pat & Bonnie Chambers

Pat & Bonnie formed our eclectic Misfit group about 11 years ago. It started out with a few friends meeting on Sundays to go for a ride and grab lunch. Pat was a Captain with the Rockledge Police Dept. and prior to that an English teacher. Bonnie with a career in accounting and an eye for details, made them the perfect couple to form our group. Pat stepped up as the leader and devoted thousands of hours to planning our scenic rides, leading them and sending out his always entertaining and informative Misfit Chronicles each week to all on our e-mail list. Bonnie was always right there bringing up the rear, making sure everyone got there safe and sound. She is also famous for waving her finger to let the group know it was time to saddle up and get going. Under their guidance the group has blossomed into what it is today. A well known and respected motorcycle group here in Brevard County. Through the years we have had close to 800 biker's ride with our group. Today we have about 220 on our e-mail list. About 2 years ago Pat decided to step aside and let someone else take the reins. They have a home in Utah and spend time there every year. Now they can just enjoy riding when they want too. So next time you see them out, remember to say "Thank You". It is because of their love and dedication that we have a Misfit motorcycle group today!

The Famous Finger

Bonnie Chambers

Bonnie giving the finger to round up the gang.. .

Look out for Motorcycles

Let's be careful out

Who are the Misfits?

Just a few of the gang

The Misfits are an eclectic group of individuals that share one passion...To Ride!! We usually meet Sundays at the 7-11 On corner of US 1 & Post Rd. in Melbourne if we are ridng south or at the Hess Station on the corner of US 1 and Canaveral Groves Blvd if we are riding north. We then take off for a day of riding. It's a great and wildly varied group of individuals and new riders are always welcome! NO dues, NO meetings...just a love of sharing the wind on the open road.

Our New Leader of the Pack


Cindy had spent over 5 years riding lead beside Pat. When he decided to stepped down, Cindy stepped up to try and keep our group together. It has been almost 2 years and we are still going strong! She sends out the ride information, takes our pictures and does the Misfit Chronicles. If you want to get on our e-mail list, just let Cindy know

Our Web Host


Our Misfit website is a labor of love for our computer wizard Tom Chesley. Having worked on computers all his life, he puts his expertise to work for us. Tom has maintained our site and dedicates his time to updating it weekly. You can register and post on the forums or just look around as a guest. He does keep count of how many times our site is visited, but your information is never given out to anyone. If you have any problems with our site, Please don't hesitate to contact him. He is a great computer repair guy should you ever need work done. Please enjoy our Misfit website, compliments of Tom!